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Ambient horror game about repairing a radio tower and birdwatching.

[Playtime: <10 minutes]

Look Around
InteractLeft Mouse Button
ZoomRight Mouse Button (hold)
ESC (hold)
Toggle Full Screen
(Lightning is recommended for the experience, but it can be disabled if flashing lights are bothersome)
Toggle Lightning

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The game has been confirmed to not work for at least one person on Windows 7, so if in doubt, download the game for free first before donating anything if you were meaning to so that you can verify it works on your system.


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Approaches 1.0 (Windows 64bit) 25 MB
Approaches 1.0 (Windows 32bit) 22 MB

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Incredible vibes. Radio towers (or any towers in the woods) are so creepy.


lovely atmosphere and cool ending.


thanks for playing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Stumbled across this on Twitter and really enjoyed it! Perfect length, perfect atmosphere.


I'm sure that the atmosphere would have sunken-in significantly more if I knew what I was doing. The whole time I was just pushing random buttons, matching symbols until I heard a tone and apparently received the proper ending. Having more direction would be nice because I did not feel like I was the person 'fixing' the towre, just some random guy pressing things.

Ending was nonetheless haunting and epic. Definitely enjoyed the sights!



ngl the fact i got scared shitless without having any actual jumpscares is impressive. even tho it wont help as much i made this video about this amazing game with its really really nice ps1 aesthetic. good job and thanks for making this beauty


can i get an explanation on the radio puzzle? i couldn't figure it out.

(Spoiler: It's a fake puzzle)

wait, for real? these people in the comments saying they figured it out are lying?

🤷‍♂️ (Spoiler: as long as you have the antennas plugged in and press enough buttons, you should be good. Make sure to look around the mountains at the end if you're not getting the ending where it autoquits the game)

i got the ending where the mountains disappear and the tall people approach you. THEN it autoquits. is that the one you mean?


(1 edit) (+1)

Excellent game, loved its atmosphere and graphics, it really gave me the creeps, loved the creatures too.

The radio puzzle was a little bit confusing, but not too difficult, I managed to solve it.


The radio puzzle was a little confusing and I only figured it out by watching a video, but I loved the overall game. Very creepy and reminded me of a creepypasta mixed with Lovecraftian horror. Great job!

(1 edit) (+1)

I absolutely loved this game - well done. I really enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere and exploring the tower, although I think I only got through the radio puzzle by a complete fluke. Here is a recording of my playthrough with commentary.



All I'm getting is a green and purple static screen.

Are you on Windows 7? And can you give me any detail on what graphics card you're using? Whether dedicated or integrated?

Windows 7, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

No clue about dedicated or integrated.


Thanks for the info. Someone else had a similar issue on Win 7. At some point, I'm going to see if I can get that fixed.



hey i can't seem to be able to run this on macos 10.15.5. getting a dialog saying that the program couldn't be opened. is it a 64 bit build?

(1 edit)

Firstly, the Mac build is currently broken. I need to take a look into fixing that soon

But also, I should have put a warning out sooner for those out of the loop. MacOS 10.15 and higher have a Gatekeeper that doesn't allow unsigned apps to run easily on your computer. To sign an app, one has to pay Apple $100/year, which is a decision I really don't support. There are apparently workarounds to allow you to run unsigned apps. Here's one possible solution: https://www.imore.com/how-open-apps-anywhere-macos-catalina-and-mojave

But again, Mac build broken for now.


neat lil experience!! short but has a good energy. :)


Thank you for playing!


Hmm, I need a hint since  I spent about 20 minutes matching symbols on the two computers and you mention the playtime being less than 10 minutes. Lovely atmosphere though.

Hmm, did you see a really large flock of birds? And did you look around at the mountains during your last 10 minutes?


Oh, OK I got it that time! Not sure what I did differently- very cool ending though.

Thanks for sticking through it! Possibly it could have been a bug.


I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and I believe I haven't found the real ending just yet! Won't spoil it, but suffice to say, it's a well made  experience.